Environmental certification of urban development, parque empresarial Ciruito de Cheste

Ecopenta is working on the VERDE Urban Development certification of the new Parque Logístico e-CROSS Circuito Valencia (Cheste).

Environmental certification of urban development, parque empresarial Ciruito de Cheste

The VERDEGBCE DU POLYGONS certification LOGISTICS PARKS recognizes the environmental impact reduction of the park. It is assessed compared to a baseline, to demonstrate in a clear way that the logistics park meets the highest standards of sustainability in all its aspects.

There are several organizations that can certify urbanism projects but none of them has an specific tool like the proposed tool VERDEGBCE DU - POLYGONS. The tools available are:




BREEAM ES Planning: Focuses on fundamental criteria of environmental, social and economic sustainability and requirements planning system that have an impact on urban projects.

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NEIGHBORHOOD DEVELOPMENT: Focuses on criteria of location and connection design and neighborhood and Green Infrastructure and Buildings.

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It can be applied to new projects or with less than 2 years built. It includes open spaces (parks), squares, neighborhoods, campuses, museums, hospitals, offices or commercial areas.

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The advantages of having a logistics park certified by a prestigious institution are the improvement of the real estate market, construction and use and social issue.

This new business park of approximately 950,000 m2, is an example of new urbanism developed by the Valencia Generalitat aiming to obtain a VERDE sustainability certification, becoming the first logistics park of private initiative certified in Spain.

Currently, Ecopenta is working on pre-certification of the project with Vicent Puigdelloses. We are conducting parallel construction management to maintain certification level during the construction of the polygon

A small example of sustainability aspects applied in the project are:

  • Initial studies for the economic viability of the project
  • Anti-slip material.
  • Universal access through clear indication of street names in Braile
  • Promote the use of bikes and bike lane with bike racks.
  • Quality of spaces by promoting the relationship with nature.

With the initiative of LAR Spain Real Estate, the involvement of ASPOR Facility Services, the City of Cheste, e-Cross and Ecopenta experience in environmental certification is intended to certify the Parque Logístico e-CROSS Circuito Valencia (Cheste) with a sheet.

Here are some of the news of the Parque Logístico e-CROSS Circuito Valencia (Cheste)

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