Robinson Torre Jandia Playa hotel obtaines the platinum level of DGNB

The Robinson Torre Jandia beach hotel, in which Ecopenta has led the sustainability part, has obtained the DGNB Platinum level on its provisional certificate, being the first hotel outside Germany and fourth in the world to obtain this level of sustainability

Robinson Torre Jandia Playa hotel obtaines the platinum level of DGNB

The DGNB system is a system of environmental certification of buildings developed by the German Sustainable Building Council in 2008. It is one of the newest environmental certifications with the highest growth projection, expanding mainly in Europe and Asia. They call it the 3rd generation environmental quality certification because it goes into more detail and is more complex than the other certifications, giving more weight to the analysis of the life cycle and pondering economic and sociocultural aspects as well as environmental ones.

Torre Robinson Jandía Playa is a 12,631m2 hotel spread over 11 floors, all above ground. It has among other 146 rooms, 2 conference rooms, shop, restaurant, skybar and infinity pool on deck.

Robison Hotel Jandia Playa

Ecopenta has led the obtaining of the DGNB certification, obtained in the project status, advising from a very early stage in preliminary project, which started in 2015, and we are currently carrying out the construction management to maintain the level of Platinum certification once the construction of the building will be finished.

Among the aspects of sustainability applied in the building that have been projected, the following stand out:

  • Selection of construction materials for an improvement of Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) and life cycle cost (LCC), obtaining excellent results in construction materials
  • Initial studies to see the economic viability of the project and its marchability
  • Selection of materials and design considering aspects of cleaning and maintenance as well as considering the adaptability in technical and construction systems for future modifications or reforms
  • Building with high energy efficiency, with hydrothermy as a production system, energy recoveries and an innovation in the air conditioning system in a hotel such as the radiant ceiling system for air conditioning the building.
  • Building with high water efficiency, by recycling and reusing all the water used by the hotel
  • Selection of materials and design of the ventilation of the building to obtain air quality levels, free of contaminants such as VOCs and formaldehydes, level 3 on the maximum level 4.
  • Tests such as sonometry, blower door  test, indoor air quality test, etc. will be carried out at the end of the execution. to validate design compliance

With the impetus of Robinson, the involvement of the entire project team, with special mention to Fullana arquitectura and 2PiR Ingeniería, and the experience of Ecopenta, a provisional certificate of DGNB Platinum has been obtained.